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Precision Optics Info


Our pride

Shanghai optics to date take the pride of continuous support and manufacturing of various kinds of optical products and accessories in the market. For the past 53 years the company has gained in-depth knowledge in lens design and as for today, any lens designed by its great team of technician sell than any other lens in the world.

Maximum precision for all lens

When you talk of optical precision, Shanghai Community has all the skills and resources to gives it clients the right lens. During the manufacturing process, lens undergoes through a well-structured process, in order meet the peak precision. Generally, each lens for a precise function and that calls for defined manufacturing process for each type of lens produces. To ascertain, our products have met all the standards; we highly employ rapid prototyping in all manufacturing process.

Dynamic services

Our services and products are dynamic, and we touch almost all aspects that require optical illumination. We have rich knowledge in all indoor lighting systems, street lights, pub lights, automotive light; the list is endless. Precisely, we ensure that each optical designed has its unique design that differentiates it. We are that flexible, to offer professional services.

The best optical lens, from the best technicians

When it comes to optical analysis, our experts are the best, and anytime you can count on them. We understand the frustrations that come along due to a manufacturing error that could have been detected via a pro analysis. To circumvent this, we employ advanced technology techniques in manufacturing flawless lens and in the case of any fault we warmly offer the solution.

Customer support

Customer support is always a priority. What you inquire is what we give, nothing less and if the product requires shipping, our engineering team make sure the package is well sealed. Besides, we never sleep until you confirm you have received the package in good shape.

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